Monday, December 01, 2008

An Open Letter to the n00bs, to whom we bid thy "Welcome"

Dear Newbies,
It seems like it was just yesterday when we, the 100-odd prospective trainees gathering at the lobby of Tower 1, KLCC reporting in for internship.
June 2nd 2008 it started, and on January 9th 2009, it shall end. Today is the first of December, and the end of our internship period nears its end. It's interesting, and sad to note that near the end, one would reminisce of the beginning.
We remembered it all..
Fresh faces, anxious and excited to perform the internship stint at this multi-national company. Getting lost whilst trying to figure out the fairly-complicated Petronas Twin Towers twin-decked elevator systems; queuing for the daily pass before a Trainee's Service Pass were issued; being packed into the LRT; paying daylight-robbery price for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; being overworked and underpaid; dealing with difficult people; getting (meagre) payslips late; forced to do tasks that are always irrelevant to our field of study & skills; and all the various ups and downs that formed this wholesome, delicious soup of Industrial Intership.
Ahh yes..
Today, you newbies have arrived. Fresh meats not unlike us when we reported in for duty ourselves. These bunch were the engineering students of July '05 batch, and the ICT/BIS students of July '06 batch.
We have reached the zenith of our internship training, and come Friday, our lecturers are looking forward to our final presentation.
To all you n00bs, we wish you all the best.
Thank You.
Kind Regards,
The Intern'd

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sexy..Can I?

Damn it..

Shira has tagged me, and unfortunately for me and you, I have to oblidge.

To start of, 'sexy' and 'Rez' doesn't belong in the same sentence, the heck am I supposed to find sexy pics of me?

After much consideration, sexiness is quite subjective after all, and I have found three somewhat sexy pics of yours truly.

So bear with me..


  1. Snap or just shift through the photo gallery and pick 3 pics ofyours which you think are sexy.

  2. Don't have to be revealing (though some people say SEXY IS SKIN),

  3. Explain why you think so,

  4. Tag 3 friends (whom you think are sexy)


here goes..

I'm bringin' Sexy back!

The white suit screams attitute..and attitue is sexy!


This has got to be sexy! biceps from my previous post

and finally...

I was born sexy!

Right. Now that's done with, I'm gonna tag:




Hehe.. ~Cheers

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crash of Two-Eighty-Two-Point-Four

It was raining heavily.

Cars began to slow at all three southbound lanes of the North-South Highway. I decelerated to about 80 km/h and proceeded along the rightmost lanes, eyeing the middle lane for an opportunity to enter. The leftmost lanes were chocked full of trucks and heavy vehicles lumbering slowly while the middle lane was full of cars. The rightmost lane, however, has fewer cars but distance from each bumper-to-bumper was precariously close.

On the slippery asphalt of the highway under a heavy downpour, it was the perfect recipe for disaster.

On Kilometre 282.4, it happened.

The Toyota Altis in front of my Satria jammed his brakes as the car in front of him had stopped suddenly. I kicked on my brakes, and my car slowed to a halt.


A Neo slammed to my rear with such force making my head snap forward to a nasty whiplash. On the receiving end, my car was propelled forward on the slippery road toward the Altis ahead.


My hood buckled and folded upwards as the front of my Satria crumpled upon impact. Glass shattered from my headlights, and pieces of plastic showered everywhere. A heartbeat later, four impacts not unlike the ones I've experienced were heard.

Owh fuck!

I shut the engine and hit the button to switch my Hazard lights on. I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the car door. Amidst the heavy rain, I stepped out.


It was a six-car pile-up.

Toyota Altis
Proton Satria
Proton Satria Neo
Perodua Kenari
Honda City
Proton Waja

The drivers were stepping out from their respective wrecked vehicles. Glasses and plastic parts were everywhere. Beyond the final car, a traffic congestion was on the onset.

The driver of the Altis, a Chinese in his late-forties stepped out of his car. He opened an umbrella, and came to meet me. Under the shade of his umbrella, I asked him,

"Are you alright?"

He nodded, and he glanced at his rear bumper to access the damage. I followed his gaze.

His car was dented a little, but the tapering line of his trunk showed that the trunk was out of alignment from the impact. I took a look at the front of my car.

Both headlights were shattered but the exposed H4 bulbs were still lit. My front bumper was cracked in places and hung askew horribly. Finally, the hood was folded up and arching back.

Suddenly, two men dressed in crisp, white long-sleeved shirts with neckties, and starched black trousers came to us. One of them was the driver of the Neo that had just rammed into me.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked them.

"Are you going to lodge a report?" came the answer.

"Well..Chances are, I have to as per procedures,"

"Can't we settle this here? We'll pay you," one of them asked.

The driver of the Altis interrupted.

"Why don't all of us move our cars to the side," he pointed to the side of the highway under a flyover "and we discuss there?"

That being said, we returned to our respective car. Nervously, I placed the key into the ignition, and cranked the engine on. With the usual hum, the engine of my Satria ran despite the ordeal. Slowly, one by one, we parked our cars by the side. Highway patrol vehicles came and redirected traffic. The congestion diluted, but people still gawked at the pitiful sight of the six vehicles under the flyover.

Once parked under the flyover, I inspected the damage done on my car carefully. Apparently, after prying open the mangled hood, the engine bay was still intact. No apparent damage was done to the manifold, and the radiator was untouched. It was a minor accident, and my bumpers and grilles took the full brunt of the impact - as how they were designed to. I couldn't assess any damage done to the chassis, so I leave that to the experts. I pulled the latch by the driver seat to release the hatch. I went to the back of the car, and amazingly, the untouched hatch opened fully. The alignments were still fine. The bumper, however, was a different story altogether.

The Altis was dented a little, and suffered no more than a misaligned trunk. The Neo had similar damage to my front, but a lot less. Clearly the chassis of the Satria Neo was as strong as it boasts to be.

Thankfully, there was no violence. We exchanged contact details and I told the driver of the Altis that I'm lodging a police report at the Seremban 2 Police HQ. He intended the same. The driver of the Neo however, sang different tunes. He insisted on my account number and inquired whether I will lodge a report against him. The driver of the Altis eyed me carefully.

"I have all the details necessary, and that's the most important thing right now."

The driver of the Neo seemed somewhat satisfied with my answer, and the driver of the Altis nodded in agreement. The situation was the same with all other affected drivers - details and everything in particular relevance was exchanged. Soon, the passenger of the Neo procured a piece of wire, and together with the driver, they tied the hood, securing them to the chassis. After that, the Neo went off. The driver of the Altis inquired whether I require any other means of assistance, and it was then I realized the dull pain in my neck. It has been hurting from the whiplash. I thanked him and told him I'll be fine. With that, he drove off to the Seremban 2 Police HQ.

An interesting point to this event was the approach of another middle-aged Chinese man towards me. He immediately handed me a business card. On it, was the name of a familliar panel workshop for my insurance company insuring the car. He suggested that for the ease of insurance claims, they offered their service to handle the case from thereof. He said that he would have the company's towtruck to come and take all the relevant & necessary pictures as required for the insurance claim. The tow truck would then bring my car to the police HQ, and then to the panel workshop. After much consideration, I agreed.

Soon, the truck arrived, and it wasn't a tow truck per se, but a flat bed truck. The operator took the car key that I'd handed to him, and he quickly was at task - he drove my car up a ramp an onto the bed of the truck. He rigged the car securely and soon, I was in the cab and on my way.

Onboard, I called Mom and told her everything. I had called my everyone close to me, and some of my friends too, and all those people was glad I'm okay. I'm glad for that.

I had lodged an official police report at the Seremban 2 Police HQ, and my parents picked me up from there. We went to the panel workshop and did whatever paperwork and document-signing necessary.

For three weeks, my ride shall be warded. I shall take that time to recover from this post-traumatic stress.

It is fortunate that yours truly walked out (mostly) alive from a highway pile-up. To those of you who drives a ton of steel, glass, plastic, and rubber - you are carrying the lives of you and yours too.

So drive safely!

Do NOT fucking tailgate!

Doesn't 'safe distance' mean anything to you?

What did you learn at Drivers' Course when you were applying for your Drivers' License anyway?


(Since I have lost my Navigator, I didn't have anything decent enough to capture any photos with. Forgive the low-resolution of my VGA camera on my obsolete phone)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Commit One of the Seven Deadly Sins Religiously

Which one is it? You'll find out..

To start with, I love travelling. There's quite nothing like visiting places that you've never been to, one that you would love to go to, foreign places, both domestic & international. I've spent part of my childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and partly here in Kuala Lumpur. Then, my family moved to Seremban, and we settled there. In between, there has been stays at Paris, Milan, and even Seoul. Now, my family stays in Doha, Qatar. I guess I could count my blessings that I have a family that could afford to travel as such, and I have genetically inherited the Travellers' Feet as well.

Though I couldn't stretch my legs to such places I've mentioned, I could do just as well for my standards, at least for now - I visit other school, college, and/or universities. Since my school & pre-college days, I rejoice whenever I get to visit other schools. It could be friendly matches, debates, public speaking competitions, and the like, but the bottom-line is that I get to go to other schools, meeting other people there, and like most people will do, I'll compare it with where I was currently hailing from. To me, the ultimate climax from these visits is when I feel The Envy.

Yeah. That's right. I commit one of the Seven Deadly Sins religiously, and it's none other than Envy.

If you read my earlier post on '7 things' you might have recalled of my Inferiority Complex (IC) thing. The IC stretches sometimes when I sort of 'represent' myself with where I was from. For example, during my boarding school days, I would always envy the students of other SBPs as I think my SBP is a drab, lacking such awesome facilities, lacking the pro-active student life, etc. Obviously, since where I was from 'represents' me, it too gets to be 'inferior' compared to whatever. No doubt many people could debate on this, and maybe myself - human or places - has my own specialty that makes me superior to the exact same thing - human or places - that I compared myself to, but then again, my IC is supremely strong enough for me to turn a blind eye to it.

Envy is a bitch. A damn hot one too.

"Why can't my school have proactive students like this school?"

"Why can't I be accepted in my school like I'm accepted here?"

"Why can't my school be as cool as this?"

That was the yardstick to compare when I was at that age. Of course, when I moved on to my teenage life, I envied my friends' lifestyle, house, car, girlfriend(s), etc. but most of all, I envy their universities.

Having my own money, my own car, and my own freedom, I could go where the road leads, and I could visit my friends wherever they studied at (DISCLAIMER: I'm generalizing):

  • I often have dropped by UiTM Seri Iskandar and would always envy the guy-girl ratio there - 3 guys to 7 girls. They may offer courses at diploma-level, but their proactive level is a benchmark at best. As an example, I went to their stint called 'The Fete', and a fashion show complete with a catwalk runway, all organized by the students themselves as their coursework marks clearly amaze me.

  • I envy Fadli at Limkokwing for being in a university that my heart really cried for (at that time) - their courses, the hot babes-cum-anak dato', their student lifestyle, their awesome abstractive university itself. The list might go on..

  • I envy Kzee every time I stayed over his bachelor's pad at UiTM Shah Alam. He has girls coming over all the time. Nuff' said. Anyways, UiTM was among the universities that I was offered a placement in..hmm

  • I envy Arep for doing his degree in Envronmental Science at USM, Penang - he's doing my degree in the university I wanted in. Besides, their campus is simply awesome.

  • I envy Afiq, my former roommate at MMU. Yeah. I went there for a couple of weeks before quitting, to take up the UTP offer. Yes sir, I envy him. Our housemates were babes. But, I don't want you to think that I'm superficial - It's not just about babes. I was offered a good degree in Bio-Instrumentation. MMU lifestyle is very conducive for study, and socializing. Best of all, they don't have religious nuts. Hmm..gonna envy long time. See? I'm not as shallow as you're smirking, or rolling your eyes to. Hehe..but wait a sec. Me & Afiq were the only four dudes in the apartment of twelve. Hmm.. =P Then again, that was then.

  • Damn it Bal! You've made it to the UK. Lucky bastard boy-o! Best catch me when I'll be hittin' the pub, and you'll be buying me pints. Hehe. Anyways, among my best friend, Iqbal has made it overseas like most of the people I knew from my boarding school. Aref is in Dublin, Asyraf is in Japan, etc. Congrats. Looks like I'm the one lagging behind. I don't need to despair too much - I was offered a degree in TESL at New Zealand. But then again, it's TESL. It's not that it's bad or anything, it's just that I'm not cut for educating. Plus, if I'm even half as good as you guys, I would be doing medic, law, etc. overseas. At least, I could transfer study for one semester in Down Under, but sorry. Couldn't quite make it.

I have more examples but they would all be redundant. Don't get me wrong, I love UTP to bits. Never mind that UTP has its flaw - bad internet connection, religious nuts terrorizing everyone at just about everything, etc. - but I could call it my home at the ivory towers.

The purpose of The Envy is quite noble, if you look at it in some abstractive, twisted way - It made you realize afterwards, that you actually have a place to compare to. If you look hard enough, you'll find reasons to realize that where you came from does shine. In the end, it's not wanting to compare, but having the choice to compare with. I sum it all up by saying that The Envy is my way of expressing "I'm proud of you" to you. You got what I wanted. Of course, at the time I'm writing this, things have change, and my wants and envies followed suit. I belong to wherever I am at, and it doesn't matter much where anymore.

For me, I want to belong somewhere. After that, it's only natural to want to belong to somewhere better.

So, where am I now?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Lost Navigator

7.30 pm

I replied a message as I was waiting for the KTM Commuter to arrive at the platform. All around me, people started to converge and began to crowd the MidValley platform. There was no orderly queue, just chaos.

7.35 pm

The train arrived at my platform, lumbering and screeching. The crowd got even more chaotic. When the train doors slid open, the situation got even worse. People shoved each other to board the train, caring little for the alighting passengers. I wriggled my way in. Needless to be said, the train was packed worst that a can of mackerel.

7.40 pm

I exited the train at KL Sentral. I reached for my phone at its usual place – inside my front jeans pocket. My hand connected flat with my thigh. The reassuring bulge of my phone was absent. It was then it hits me – my phone was stolen.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hobby #4 - Testosterone Induction

Lift that weight baby!

My housemates; Anep, Rusydi, and Zan Peng would tag along as well whenever I hit the gym we frequent to in Wangsa Maju every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.

Owh yeah..there’s nothing quite like the smell of sweat that lingers in the air; the loud music with pumping bass; the grunts, groans and clanking of metal; and of course – my personal favourite – the hot babes in tight clothing to get those testosterone charging.

Yes sir.

You ain’t a real man unless you hit the gym. Be it for fitness reasons, to lose that flabby gut, or aiming to get a beach-worthy body with a set of solid six-pack abs, the gym suits your needs.

I’m talking bout a proper establishments with arrays of advanced equipments to achieve the aforementioned objectives, and not just some shoddy ‘backyard’ gym. Although, any gym could help you achieve your goals, a proper gym with experienced professionals would ensure you get your intended results faster and better.

If you live in and around KL, and the Klang Valley, there are lots of gyms to choose from, among many others:

Twin Towers Fitness Centre

  • KLCC

Celebrity Fitness
  • Subang Parade, Subang Jaya
  • Bangsar Village II, Bangsar

Fitness First

  • The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
  • IOI Mall, Puchong
  • AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang
  • Menara Maxis, KLCC

California Fitness

  • Mid-Valley Megamall, Mid-Valley
  • Menara Standard Chartered, Bukit Bintang

True Fitness

  • USJ 10, Subang Jaya
  • Jaya 33, Section 13

Get Active

  • SOHO KL, Mont Kiara


  • Merchant Square, Tropicana

Obviously, there are lots of other gyms either more exclusive, or lesser than the examples I have given, so feel free to explore. If you’re heart is set to achieve that goal you have in mind, any gym would do – the only difference will be how quickly you achieve them, how effective, and most importantly, how much fun you will have. There is however another option – home gym

Fitness Concept is a store that sells equipments and stuffs that you can find at these professional gyms. This chain could be found in most major malls. For starters, get a set of those 10 kg dumbbell set and a few advice on how is best to utilize them. One item that I am particularly interested in is a set of large, high-tensile rubber band that is revolutionizing the term ‘portable gym’. Hit the store and you’ll know what I mean.

Tips for starters

  • Find a suitable timetable for you to work out your routine. An effective routine must include hitting the gym at least 3 times a week.

  • Look for a gym that is preferably close to your home and one that suits your budget. Note: professional help do come with a price.
  • Stick to a fitness/weight-loss/body-sculpting programs that suits you. The pros and regular gym goers might offer an advice or two, but do your own research. A magazine like Men’s Health is a lot of help.
  • Disclipline! Nuff said..

Anyway, I love going to the gym as I could work out that stress garnered at work, and get much healthier, slimmer, and more muscular in the process. Exercising also releases the hormone endorphin - the same hormone released during sex - which makes us feel good. Yeah, I am aware that chocolates also trigger the release of endorphin, but I prefer to watch my weight, thank you.

So, if the heaviest thing that you can lift currently is that Big Mac, the only exercise you get is that walk (and occasional run) to classes, and having your hand as your only lover, you need a wake up call, buddy!

Hit the gym. Pump that iron.

You’ll feel like a million bucks in no time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Things You Hate Bout Me

Tagged, I’m it..

I was tagged, courtesy of Shira.

The Rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules in your blog. - Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. - Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. - Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, here’s 7 weird/random things about me, you might never knew of:

An inferiority complex, in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. Such feelings can arise from an imagined or actual inferiority in the afflicted person.
- Wikipedia

Let’s just say I won’t usually be comfortable in my own skin, thus I seek confidence from without, instead of within i.e. having expensive/enviable items, wearing branded apparels, etc.

2. I have limited vocabulary in Malay. I think this is rather self-explanatory, and I don’t think I have to elaborate more. That being said, I can’t really pronounce the letter ‘r’ in Malay words the way most people can either. In fact, I can’t pronounce a few letters as well, but the letter ‘r’ is most obvious. My pronunciation of it is accented. Let me attempt to explain it to you vis-à-vis phonetically:

You say ‘mereka’ as “me-ré-ka”; I say “me-ray-car”
You say ‘marah’ as “ma-ghah”; I say “mar-rayh’
You say ‘rosak’ as “gho-sak”; I say “raw-suck”

Get my point? It came across to me that people may thought this way of pronunciation of mine is stuck up, poyo, or wateva, but this was, and is the way I speak. Maybe this is due to the fact that I speak English more than Malay when I was developing.

3. To supplement the previous point, I have limited knowledge in the Malay names of things such as kuihs and lauks. I knew the names of some of my favourite Malay dish and a few I am familiar with, but the rest I may recognize them by their familiarity in looks, and might be unaware of what it’s called. If you hang out with me to open houses, you might often overhear Annas a.k.a. Pupu saying, “Rez, ko kenal tak ni apa?”

4. I have a thing for strings/ribbons. I like it on a blouse, dress, etc. and my personal favourite, on thongs and bikinis. Needless to say, I have a thing for untying/undoing them..slowly. hehe..

5. Please, please, please, for God sake, keep me away, or keep durians away from me. This includes any and every dish/foodstuff that has durian as its ingredient or derivatives of it like, erm..what’s that pungent sambal-ish paste made from overripe durian flesh called again? I get sick & noxious just by the smell of durian. I’m sorry, but I won’t entertain any “owh-you-just-gotta-try-nevermind-the-smell-it’s-absolutely-delicious” talks.

6. I have excellent visual memory, but I am bad at remembering names. This means, I might remember what you look like years down the road, but unless I am close to you, or contact you often, I tend to forget your name. You won’t believe the hassle I go through at Open Houses of the relatives whose names I’ve forgotten.

7. The last bit, is one you might count on - I am usually forgiving, and it would take a lot of nerve for you to annoy/irritate me enough to actually make me blew up my temper. In other words, I'm a very patient man. However, a word of caution: In the rare event of me actually blowing up my temper, it won’t be a sight you or anyone within the radius would like. Kinda the incredible Hulk-like. Hehe..Actually, while Shira might have the Temper of Fire (Microvawe oven, would be much more apt) I have been described as having the Temper of Steel. At one unfortunate incident the last time I blew up my temper ala the Chernobyl, a back-alley mugger who had unfortunately decided to mug at the wrong time, the wrong person who was at the wrong mood was badly mangled & broken and hung within an inch of his life.

Well, cue Mylie Cyrus' song, '7 Things'.

Now I'm tagging;

Fadli Volvo

Well, if you people are rajin..

Tag, you're it!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Don’t worry. It’s a more pleasant post than you think. I decide that I should blog about something that might be useful & informative once a while, not just random rants.

Every once in a while, I would donate my blood whenever I can, and since my blood is O-positive, thus I am proud to be known as the universal donor.

Why donate our precious blood?

For one thing, I am a strong believer in Karma, and who knows, one day I might need that pint of blood, and a selfless anonymous donor will save my life.

Anyway, that’s my homeboy Kzee, and he’s an even more special case – our blood types are O’s, but his Rhesus is negative. Yup, that’s right – he’s O-negative. In case you weren’t aware, let me enlighten you with this fact;

a person with a Rhesus of negative can only conceive a child with a mate that has the similar Rhesus of negative

That means, if you're O-negative, you could only mate with someone who is either A-negative, B-negative, AB-negative, or O-negative. If you are among the rare few who has this trait, you would be on the list of possible donors with negative Rhesus, and would be contacted when your rare & precious blood is required for transfusion or whatever.
So, if there’re any single ladies out there who is also share the trait of having Rhesus of negative, holla at me – I’ll hook you up =P

Some people are deathly afraid of needles, but remember this – somebody’s life might depend on it; it could be your family member, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your friends. So, c’mon! When you come across a blood-donation campaign, pay a visit, and donate your precious blood. The medical staffs that actually ‘milks’ your blood are most if not all of the time trained and experienced professionals, and the procedure won’t hurt..much. You can take my word for it – I might potray a macho outlook, but watching Saw 1, 2, 3, & 4 still makes me squeamish. However, when done correctly, the entire procedure of donating blood won’t usually be much of a hellish experience as you might think.

The bottom-line

- You of course must be relatively fit & healthy, and free of diseases in the first place to be able to donate blood. Regardless, all donated blood on-site is regarded as bio-hazard: they would be thoroughly screened at blood testing centres first.

- First, you will register yourself and fill in your particulars on a form. The staff would inquire if you have a red-coloured Blood Donation record book, and if you must bring it along with you to be updated. Note – you can only donate blood once every three months.

- After signing the form, the staff would direct you to a doctor on duty. The doctor would ask of your medical history, and then would check your blood pressure. The doctor would take a sample of your blood to ascertain your blood type, and blood sugar level. This stage is important as if the doctor sees you as fit to donate blood. Else, you would have complications after i.e. queasy, fainting, etc.

- If you pass the stage, you would be directed to a staff that will provide you with the blood-donating kit, which will be passed to a medical staff that will be actually ‘milk’ your blood. I reserve writing the exact details of the process.

- And you shall be donating your life force, and about 10 minutes later, you’re all set. Usually you would only be required to donate not more than a pint of blood, and a sample of it would be taken to be tested for diseases and such. They have a saying -

"no news is good news"

- and it's true in this case, as they will contact you (based on your contact details given in the forms) if they discover if you're infected with anything. Else, you're free to donate more.

- Feel free to indulge on free sugary food like cakes or cookies and juices that the organizers would usually provide to replenish your blood sugar.

Donating blood isn't at all that bad of an experience. Really. So, go ahead. Do your bit of good for the community.

Handbag Giveaway!

Handbag Planet is launching their website and to celebrate the October 15, 2008 launch, they are giving away a free (yes free indeed!) handbag every hour for 24 hours on the day of the launch. Their high fashion, trendy handbags are inspired by popular designer brands.
Before you start wondering why is a perfectly straight guy promoting handbags, just keep this in mind - win your girlfriend/spouse/mom/sis/friend/crush/etc. a designer-inspired handbag. They'll love you for it. For the ladies, you can thank me later if you win one =P
After signing-up in one easy step, you can select the handbag you would like to win. There's absolutely no catch - this means no shipping/handling fees or credit card required. Yes, it's really that simple!
Only a few more days to go, so sign yourself up and pray hard!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hobby #3 - Martial Arts

Martial arts are truly like its namesake - a form of art, albeit a deadly one. Learning any form of the various martial arts of the world requires discipline, mental & physical fitness, and most importantly, passion.

Yup. Taekwondo is my martial art of choice, and it has been my passion since I began practicing it since I was 11, starting from the tender white-belt. At the age of 15, I have achieved the rank of Poom, or 'Jr. Black-belt'. This rank is given to Taekwondo practitioners who has passed all the necessary grading and completion of syllabus to earn the right & honour to wear the Black-belt under the age of 16.

In 2007, I had taken the 1st Dan (Degree) Black-belt examination to convert my Poom rank to a full Black-belt rank, and also the examination for the 2nd Dan rank. Now, I am proud to have earned the right and honour to hold the rank of a 2nd Dan Black-belt Taekwondo exponent; certified by Kukkiwon, the Taekwondo headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. By that, I have received the official Certificate from Kukkiwon, and the recognition as a Member of the World Taekwondo Federation.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas Taekwondo Club

In UTP, I was elected as the President for the UTP Taekwondo Club circa 2006 - 2007, and for 2007 - 2008. The Club is sanctioned under the Malaysian Taekwondo Association, the body recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation. The Club hires Master Kuppusammy, an instructor by the rank of 7th Dan from his Jireugi Dohjang to teach, train, and condition club members the techniques of Taekwondo for self-defense and competition sparring. Rank upgrade examinations, or known as grading, are conducted every semester, and Master Kuppusammy is authorized and certified to grade the club members from the range of beginners & White-belt to 1st Dan grading.

Fellow Taekwondo exponent, Donovan

Sparring tournament; I'm in the red armour

Demonstration: one inch plank-breaking

Admittedly, though I have been learning other forms of martial arts such as Karate and Aikido, and in the process of studying Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Taekwondo has always been the art that had started it all for me by providing the solid foundation of self-defense, and has continuously conditioned me by providing the base for ease of learning the other forms of aforementioned martial arts.

Thus, Taekwondo would remain as my true passion in martial arts.