Friday, November 28, 2008

Sexy..Can I?

Damn it..

Shira has tagged me, and unfortunately for me and you, I have to oblidge.

To start of, 'sexy' and 'Rez' doesn't belong in the same sentence, the heck am I supposed to find sexy pics of me?

After much consideration, sexiness is quite subjective after all, and I have found three somewhat sexy pics of yours truly.

So bear with me..


  1. Snap or just shift through the photo gallery and pick 3 pics ofyours which you think are sexy.

  2. Don't have to be revealing (though some people say SEXY IS SKIN),

  3. Explain why you think so,

  4. Tag 3 friends (whom you think are sexy)


here goes..

I'm bringin' Sexy back!

The white suit screams attitute..and attitue is sexy!


This has got to be sexy! biceps from my previous post

and finally...

I was born sexy!

Right. Now that's done with, I'm gonna tag:




Hehe.. ~Cheers


Shira-chan said...

The last pic is just too cute... wahahaha. I know the rules said mentioned "skin is sexy", but baby skin? lolz

Rez said...

haha..happy now?

adeknurul said...

OMG!!!! its worth tagging la shira.. hehehe... i noe i am happy now. hehehe... :)

Rez said...

Glad you're happy..but why? Yours Truly is truly sexy?..hehe

iLLy Ramudzan said...

owh wow... the last one is definitely sexy... hehehehe

VolvoForLife said...

That my friend is a Birthday Suit with a TIE..! A world's first..!

ayesha sha sha sha said...

the last pic is pure sexy... ehehehhee

Haf said...

ko mmg sexy...btw salam ziarah,che bru tau hang ada blog,hohoh...