Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Lost Navigator

7.30 pm

I replied a message as I was waiting for the KTM Commuter to arrive at the platform. All around me, people started to converge and began to crowd the MidValley platform. There was no orderly queue, just chaos.

7.35 pm

The train arrived at my platform, lumbering and screeching. The crowd got even more chaotic. When the train doors slid open, the situation got even worse. People shoved each other to board the train, caring little for the alighting passengers. I wriggled my way in. Needless to be said, the train was packed worst that a can of mackerel.

7.40 pm

I exited the train at KL Sentral. I reached for my phone at its usual place – inside my front jeans pocket. My hand connected flat with my thigh. The reassuring bulge of my phone was absent. It was then it hits me – my phone was stolen.


adeknurul said...

always always becareful when in the crowds... benda dah jadi kan? just get a new sim card la.. :) so have u make the police report yet?

Rez said...

i've blocked the postpaid line temporarily immediately after the phone was stolen. The next day, I've made a replacement SIM card. I've called Nokia Careline and logged a report and asked them to flag my phone as a blacklisted, stolen phone via it's IMEI no.

No police report, though..huhu

VolvoForLife said...

Auuw, you poor thing, sorry for your phone, I know it's a good phone...Cheers buddy, all is not lost....except for the freakin contact...