Monday, March 14, 2011

Spyderco Manix II MoonGlow - EDCF Special Edition

Limited to 500 units, Spyderco made this beauty in collaboration with the EDCForums.

Unlike normal Manix II, the blade has a flat grind.

The blade steel is CPM's S30V super-steel. The knife is made in Golden, Colorado. USA.

However, the main difference is the material of the scales - this sprint-run blade has scales made of Jon Burly's proprietary MoonGlow material that glows in the dark brilliantly.

Charged up with the Inova x5 UV flashlight:

I'm happy to be able to own a collector's item, and being able to support the EDCForums.

Special thanks to Jon S. Burly who has shipped this beauty with care all the way from Ponca City, OK and a huge congratulations on the success of this project.