Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Things You Hate Bout Me

Tagged, I’m it..

I was tagged, courtesy of Shira.

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So, here’s 7 weird/random things about me, you might never knew of:

An inferiority complex, in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. Such feelings can arise from an imagined or actual inferiority in the afflicted person.
- Wikipedia

Let’s just say I won’t usually be comfortable in my own skin, thus I seek confidence from without, instead of within i.e. having expensive/enviable items, wearing branded apparels, etc.

2. I have limited vocabulary in Malay. I think this is rather self-explanatory, and I don’t think I have to elaborate more. That being said, I can’t really pronounce the letter ‘r’ in Malay words the way most people can either. In fact, I can’t pronounce a few letters as well, but the letter ‘r’ is most obvious. My pronunciation of it is accented. Let me attempt to explain it to you vis-à-vis phonetically:

You say ‘mereka’ as “me-ré-ka”; I say “me-ray-car”
You say ‘marah’ as “ma-ghah”; I say “mar-rayh’
You say ‘rosak’ as “gho-sak”; I say “raw-suck”

Get my point? It came across to me that people may thought this way of pronunciation of mine is stuck up, poyo, or wateva, but this was, and is the way I speak. Maybe this is due to the fact that I speak English more than Malay when I was developing.

3. To supplement the previous point, I have limited knowledge in the Malay names of things such as kuihs and lauks. I knew the names of some of my favourite Malay dish and a few I am familiar with, but the rest I may recognize them by their familiarity in looks, and might be unaware of what it’s called. If you hang out with me to open houses, you might often overhear Annas a.k.a. Pupu saying, “Rez, ko kenal tak ni apa?”

4. I have a thing for strings/ribbons. I like it on a blouse, dress, etc. and my personal favourite, on thongs and bikinis. Needless to say, I have a thing for untying/undoing them..slowly. hehe..

5. Please, please, please, for God sake, keep me away, or keep durians away from me. This includes any and every dish/foodstuff that has durian as its ingredient or derivatives of it like, erm..what’s that pungent sambal-ish paste made from overripe durian flesh called again? I get sick & noxious just by the smell of durian. I’m sorry, but I won’t entertain any “owh-you-just-gotta-try-nevermind-the-smell-it’s-absolutely-delicious” talks.

6. I have excellent visual memory, but I am bad at remembering names. This means, I might remember what you look like years down the road, but unless I am close to you, or contact you often, I tend to forget your name. You won’t believe the hassle I go through at Open Houses of the relatives whose names I’ve forgotten.

7. The last bit, is one you might count on - I am usually forgiving, and it would take a lot of nerve for you to annoy/irritate me enough to actually make me blew up my temper. In other words, I'm a very patient man. However, a word of caution: In the rare event of me actually blowing up my temper, it won’t be a sight you or anyone within the radius would like. Kinda the incredible Hulk-like. Hehe..Actually, while Shira might have the Temper of Fire (Microvawe oven, would be much more apt) I have been described as having the Temper of Steel. At one unfortunate incident the last time I blew up my temper ala the Chernobyl, a back-alley mugger who had unfortunately decided to mug at the wrong time, the wrong person who was at the wrong mood was badly mangled & broken and hung within an inch of his life.

Well, cue Mylie Cyrus' song, '7 Things'.

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Shira-chan said...

1. I guess this one most ppl would be able to relate to...

2. I think I'm worse off than you here =P Though all things considering, I guess I've picked up quite a bit since I entered UTP, eh? hehe

3. SAME!! I remember asking the teacher once what a "petai" was during class - and everyone burst out laughing. =____= I still don't know what a petai looks like.

4. I can think of another "dairy product" I know you like... =P

5. haha... and I remember the time you ran away to another table during lunch because Don took tempoyak. lolz!

6. I'm worse - I'm bad with BOTH names and faces! >___> I'm sorry that I have bad memory, but the worst bit are the people who get offended that you don't remember them even though you only met them once. huu...

7. Temper of Microwave Oven? Cute. =___=
Yea, it's true that I've rarely seen you angry. You tend to emo a lot, though. =P

Rez said...

wow..there goes shira with an analysis on the 7 things about me. haha..Tempoya! ha! now i remember what i was called..

p/s. what's the 'other dairy product' that i like, eh? hehe

Shira-chan said...

The other "dairy product" that you like? Milk. Full cream milk, to be precise. =P And not of the kind that comes from cows. Well, at least your current supplier isn't a cow. lolz!

iLLy Ramudzan said...


i hate tempoyak too~! irggghhh~

err.. and the malay pronounciation thing. i'm getting better at it. but at least now no one calls me me a melayu cacat.

Shira-chan said...

hee... eh, rez, you forgot to mention your fascination with strings and ribbons~~~ XD

Rez said...

ha! you're right..hehe..will post it attaway

Shira-chan said...

yay! hahaha, my request was entertained =P

VolvoForLife said...

Funny, but c'mon you guys, these stuff, isn't such a big deal, who cares cakap Melayu rosak ke apa, as long as people understand, it's still okay what? Quit whining and start living..!!
Hey, you guys never been exposed to traditional food? you call yourself Malaysian? Ask rez, I almost puke swallowing a bunch of petai in-a-cup during a T-Hunt at UTP, haish, I tell you, worst moment ever, but it didn't stop me from liking Sambal Udang Petai though, it's way better. Tempoyak? boy do I love it or what, looking forward for that time of the year, DURIANS..! Ah, I guess it's all depends on your preference, some like it hot, some like it cold. Hey, so I'm tagged, does that mean I have to write it at my Blog? erm, it's kinda embarassing...