Monday, December 01, 2008

An Open Letter to the n00bs, to whom we bid thy "Welcome"

Dear Newbies,
It seems like it was just yesterday when we, the 100-odd prospective trainees gathering at the lobby of Tower 1, KLCC reporting in for internship.
June 2nd 2008 it started, and on January 9th 2009, it shall end. Today is the first of December, and the end of our internship period nears its end. It's interesting, and sad to note that near the end, one would reminisce of the beginning.
We remembered it all..
Fresh faces, anxious and excited to perform the internship stint at this multi-national company. Getting lost whilst trying to figure out the fairly-complicated Petronas Twin Towers twin-decked elevator systems; queuing for the daily pass before a Trainee's Service Pass were issued; being packed into the LRT; paying daylight-robbery price for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; being overworked and underpaid; dealing with difficult people; getting (meagre) payslips late; forced to do tasks that are always irrelevant to our field of study & skills; and all the various ups and downs that formed this wholesome, delicious soup of Industrial Intership.
Ahh yes..
Today, you newbies have arrived. Fresh meats not unlike us when we reported in for duty ourselves. These bunch were the engineering students of July '05 batch, and the ICT/BIS students of July '06 batch.
We have reached the zenith of our internship training, and come Friday, our lecturers are looking forward to our final presentation.
To all you n00bs, we wish you all the best.
Thank You.
Kind Regards,
The Intern'd


misH said...

it's not thy, y''s 'thee'...

p/s: couldn't resist it. i guess it's true what they say about English language fingers were just itching to correct it.

anyway, enjoy the last days of your internship! (back to being a free man?)

Rez said...

hehe..thanks for the input on Archaic English 101. yeah..back to studying days..

Shira-chan said...

aww... I missed the excitement of watching new interns come in, since my company didn't take in any. owh well.

iLLy Ramudzan said...

the noobs are already in and roaming around ... when are r u going to write an entry of the empress?

Muhammad Afiq bin Mohd Sadli said...

happy birthday dude!