Friday, January 23, 2009

The Return

If  you've guessed it right, congrats.

It's the return of my car, from its wreck some time ago. Minor changes has been made, and it won't stop there.

I prefer to let the pics to do the talkin', so, with much delight, I present to you, my car.

Satria SE rear lips 

Satria SE side-skirts

Satria SE/GTi spoiler with third brake-light LED array

Bosch AeroTwin wipers

New Yokohama a.Drive rubbers on all wheels

Satria SE front bumper, lips, and chrome emblem


More upgrades en route. Stay tuned ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The New Navigator

Dearest lost phone, you will be missed..

But say hello to my new Nokia 6210 Navigator! 

Feel free to video-call me, people. At the same rate as normal call charges, why not?


Guess Who's Back?

... to be continued

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Roar of the Bull

2307 hours
SMART Tunnel, Southbound

Cruising Speed : 70 km/h

There weren't many car in the tunnel. In fact, for the stretch of tunnel that I was in, it was empty from back to front.

Nothing to be seen.

But, who said there was nothing to be heard?

Faintly, but surely, I heard a din coming from behind. The noise got louder, and sweeter. A few seconds later, a pearlescent orange Lamborghini Gallardo (pronounced 'Ga-Yar-do)' [uyˈaɾdo/]) zoomed by. 

A car's distance after passing me, it let loose the glorious roar from it's magnificent 5.2L V10 Italian engine. The roar resonated around the enclosed tunnel, resounding to a full crescendo of pure heavenly concerto to my ears. 

As soon as the Bull came, it disappeared. The din of it could be heard many miles ahead.


Happy 2009 everyone!

Yeah. Guess I'm too busy to update this blog of mine.