Saturday, January 03, 2009

Roar of the Bull

2307 hours
SMART Tunnel, Southbound

Cruising Speed : 70 km/h

There weren't many car in the tunnel. In fact, for the stretch of tunnel that I was in, it was empty from back to front.

Nothing to be seen.

But, who said there was nothing to be heard?

Faintly, but surely, I heard a din coming from behind. The noise got louder, and sweeter. A few seconds later, a pearlescent orange Lamborghini Gallardo (pronounced 'Ga-Yar-do)' [uyˈaɾdo/]) zoomed by. 

A car's distance after passing me, it let loose the glorious roar from it's magnificent 5.2L V10 Italian engine. The roar resonated around the enclosed tunnel, resounding to a full crescendo of pure heavenly concerto to my ears. 

As soon as the Bull came, it disappeared. The din of it could be heard many miles ahead.


Happy 2009 everyone!

Yeah. Guess I'm too busy to update this blog of mine.


VolvoForLife said...

Then why Kanye West says it Gallardooo with the "L"???

Rez said...

You mean, Akon singing it with the "L". Not Kanye West.

Anyway, it's plain to see that he's wrong, or would you wanna bet on this also?

Like the way you lose in pronounching Porshe?

Porsche is incorrectly pronounced "PORSH" as a one syllable word. Though we call it so as a nickname, similar to the we call BMWs as Beemers.

IPA: /ˈpɔrʃə/). (/pɔrˈʃʌ/).

This is common because French and English have many words with silent 'e's. The correct pronunciation is "PORSH-eh", as native German words do not have silent e.

VolvoForLife said...

Oh silap, Akon, hehe, in my Lamborghini Gallardo..

Did I lose anything? I don't think so, by the way, I knew all these all along, just teasing you lah bro, hehee...

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

my friend drives a murcielago,suprisingly he's 21.neway his atuk drives a 599 and his father have a bunch collection of ferraris.damn it!

Bal said...

You're saying THAT was in a tunnel, in KL? O_O Didn't you at least want to scratch it? With a wrecking ball?