Tuesday, October 07, 2008


When your contacts are quite dry after wearing them for more than 8 hours, you tend to rub them, and when you do, it tend to pop off from your eyeball.

And it did.

Off, and into the sauce plate, mingling with the soy sauce and wasabi.

Blinded and dazed, I made a stop at an optometry and inquired if I could purchase a temporary pair of soft lens, but the guy said he only sell them in boxes for 6-months supply. I pretty much have guessed that they didn't have Toric 66 lenses with my prescription too, and I was right. They need a week to get those custom-made for me.

You see, though I'm not too visually impaired to require correction power of 400 and more, my right eye require more 'power' than the left, and at the same time, my left eye require more astigmatism correction than the right. With such wonderfully complicated prescription, I always encounter problem whenever I wanted to purchase these vision correction aid in the form of glasses or contacts. Thus, the aforementioned Bausch & Lomb Toric 66 soft contact lenses has been my dearest friend, albeit a very costly one as it's my preferred soft lens that has astigmatism correction.

Considering my situation;

- I have to drive home
- Toric lenses need one week to be custom-made to my prescription
- Normal contact lenses have to be purchased in boxes for supply for 6-months - not worth it.

In the end, I have to make one of the most financially desperate situation given the circumstances:

Solvil et Titus dark grey titanium frame glasses with multi coated lens that costs in excess of RM400.

There goes my duit raya. Dang..

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