Friday, May 06, 2011

Custom Bushcrafting Knife & Kit

Simon a.k.a. Landroza has done it again.

Apparently after tedious and meticulous hours of crafting, Simon has unveiled his latest pride and joy to me for review - a fully-custom and one-of-a-kind bushcrafting knife that's ready to take on the wilds.

I remembered going with him to a bladesmith to forge out the blade for this project knife. Simon then sculpted the handle from a very special wood - Raja Kayu (literally means King of Wood) - that is revered among some circle of superstitious bushmen.

The sheath is modular, and features a pouch to store a sharpening stone, and slot for the firesteel. Wrapping the whole system with some length of 550 paracord would prove invaluable in times of need, and presents itself as a method of lashing or fastening via the retention holes built onto the sheath. Hardware used are brass studs and Chicago screws.

Lots of work has been invested in the creation of the perfect fitting sheath from hi-quality leather.

A clever feature that I'm highlighting is the retention system for the strap. Once the snap button are popped, the elastic string draws the strap open and away for fast deployment.

Ironically, the end products looks to good to be deployed but Simon ensures that this is no cupboard queen - it will serve its intended purpose well and earn its status as an object that inspires assurance as a survival piece.

After all, the knife is the earliest form of tool created by ancient modern humans, and it is a icon that symbolizes the onset of the age of modern man.

Another job well done Simon!

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