Monday, June 21, 2010

Hobby #6 - Multi-tool Collection: The Medley

Checked the mailbox, and whadya know?

My package from the US of A is here!

Let's see what's inside..

Cool! My pair of Squirts.

Powder Pink & Inferno Red

Scissors, knife blade, nail file, cap lifer, several flat drivers, a phillips driver, and a pair of tweezers. Missing the kitchen sink though.

Red for me, Pink for the girlfriend

Rides nicely on my key-chain.

I love shiny new (multi)tools!

The Leatherman Squirt S4 is a real handy, keychain-sized multi-tool that could tackle most tasks at hand. "S4" stands for "Scissors, 4 external tools".

The other variant is the Squirt P4, "P4" as in "Pliers, 4 external tools". I opted for the scissors variant as I have two bigger-sized pliers to get a job done. I often overlooked how much a scissors is needed for specific jobs where even my scalpel-sharp knife blades won't..err, cut.

The Squirts came in Blue, Gray, Red, or Pink. I decided to take the Red for myself, and the Pink for my girlfriend. She likes the tool a lot, and quickly found many uses for it daily.

While I'm on the topic of multi-tools, I might as well show you the collection thus far:

Skeletool CX. Yessireebob, that's a real carbon fiber insert.

The Big, Bad Daddy - Charge TTi. Yup, Ti as in Titanium slabs on the handles.

The Medley: Exposed

The Medley: Lining Up for the Shot


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