Friday, September 26, 2008


First Entry...
Can't help feeling left outin the dog-eat-dog world of bloggers. After all, I am of the Generation Y, like you.
Let me start off with an introduction to yours truly - after all, this is my blog. Ha.
The name's Rez. A third-year uni KM-major student of beloved UTP, but currently undergoing internship at Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. @ level 77 tower 2, KLCC.
The unofficial bit, I'm a person, an average person at best, but eccentric in my own ways. Just so I am not labelled as a 'blind-follower', this blog is where I shall encompass my various passions to whoever's gracious 'nuff to read it.
Rez a.k.a. Raze a.k.a Arcane are all my aliases. Like the namesake, I'm an arcane person, sometimes swerving to saturnine. Thus, this blog is my tome.
Till then, keep posted for more posts. Thanks for readings!


Shira-chan said...

He blogs, he blogs!

*stalks* XD

Nuriman said...

dah berjangkit blog dah

imNARET said...

i was here
chang ku u' nhai ???

VolvoForLife said...


you're so cute, I love you...